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About Lincolnton Animal Hospital

At Lincolnton Animal Hospital, our team of professionals is committed to the following values:

  • Excellence in veterinary medicine and surgery through a dedicated and caring staff.
  • Client education in the principles of good health, preventive medicine, and proper nutrition for their pets.
  • Compassion for, and understanding of, the needs of our individual patient and their families.

In addition to caring for our patients, veterinary care we also do many of the spays and neuters and other care for dogs and cats adopted from the Lincoln County Shelter. We have an annual Relay for Life team and are a sponsor for this year’s Second Chance Prom. We also organized and sponsored Bark for Life, an American Cancer Society event focusing on dogs, in September 2010.

At Lincolnton Animal Hospital, we’re very compassionate about our work. Our team of veterinarians and staff is approachable and accessible to anyone who has any questions or concerns regarding our practice or their pet.

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Testimonials/Success Stories

Dear Dr. Miller,

As a long term customer of the Lincolnton Animal Hospital, I am remiss for not writing this letter years ago. I first began bringing my pets to your hospital in the early 90’s. Through all these years I have always been pleased with the treatment both I and my pets received. From the pleasant ladies at the front desk, to the technicians and the various Vets who treated my ‘guys’, I always felt they were very interested in helping with scheduling and treatment. During every visit, I was comforted with the belief that everyone was concerned with the health, comfort and wellbeing of the animals.

On two occasions, I had to bring in a pet who, due to age related infirmities or medical issues, had to be put down. Needless to say, these were very difficult situations. Every individual involved in these events treated me and the animal with courtesy, compassion, and an understanding of the emotions involved. Your people were critical in helping me understand the procedures involved and accepting the necessity for the inevitable.

Even during routine physicals, all of your staff who were involved helped make the visit pleasant and as stress free for the animal as was possible. Recently, one of my cats developed a serious problem with diabetes. This problem was detected only through additional tests recommended due to problems discovered during a routine visit. Had it not been for your medical skills and concern for health of your ‘patients’ the progressive nature of this ailment would have significantly decreased the remaining lifetime for the cat. You personally pursued extensive additional diagnostic tests, and consulted other veterinary professionals in an attempt to discover and treat the cause of the diabetes. There is no doubt in my mind that you went well past normal efforts to treat the cat. This ‘guy’ can’t express his appreciation for your impressive and determined efforts on his behalf, but I’ll pass on the thanks for him.

As to whatever the future holds for my pets, I can assure you that you and the great people in the Lincolnton Animal Hospital will be involved in their care and treatment.

Thanks from me and ‘the guys’,
Tom Hawk

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