Lyme Disease Facts

Lyme Disease Facts

-According to the CDC, there’s been a massive increase in both the tick population and tick related disease.

-The number of reported tickborne diseases has more than doubled in the past 13 years.

-With tickborne diseases on the rise, prevention should be on everyone’s mind.

-Ticks that can transmit Lyme disease have expanded their geographic range and are now being found in places where they weren’t seen 20 years ago.

-Counties with high risk for Lyme increased 320% since the 1990’s.

-CAPC data shows nationwide, dogs are being exposed to Lyme disease outside of traditionally endemic areas.

-Approximately 75% of unvaccinated dogs in endemic areas will eventually test positive for Lyme disease.

The best way to protect dogs is year-round flea and tick control and vaccinating those dogs that visit or live in endemic areas.

Our hospital has oral and topical flea and tick medications and Lyme vaccinations. We would be glad to advise and discuss these with you. One of our reps has shared with us that the tick control medication is the seatbelt and the Lyme vaccination is the airbag for your dog regarding Lyme disease.

Please call with any questions or concerns and our doctors and staff will be glad to help,

Dr Miller