Lincolnton’s Relay for Life 2018


Dear Clients and Attendees of Lincolnton’s Relay for Life 2018:

We want to thank every single person who helped us with our Relay for Life efforts this year. Whether you brought your dog to our annual dog wash, gave your spare change when you came to our hospital, or you bought a Chick-Fil-A sandwich or a drink from us at the RFL event, we truly appreciate you. Many of us have lost loved ones to cancer or have relatives or friends that are cancer survivors. I lost my first husband, my mom and dad, and my father in law to different types of cancer. Your donations are helping us continue the fight to find cures and to support patients that are battling cancer right now.

With sincere gratitude,

Dr. Karen Miller and Staff of Lincolnton Animal Hospital

Why Do Labwork

Labwork can give us information that a physical exam cannot. Both are very important in evaluating the health of your pet.

At annual or biannual preventive care exams, labwork in the form of junior and senior wellness profiles include a CBC (complete blood count), chemistries, electrolytes, and a heartworm test. The senior panels also check a T4 (baseline thyroid test) and a urinalysis. For cats, the senior wellness profile also includes a feline leukemia and feline aids test. The chemistries help us to evaluate the function of the liver, kidneys, and pancreas and check the blood glucose. Labwork is also necessary to monitor liver and kidney function when a pet is on chronic medication(s).

When a pet is sick, labwork is extremely valuable in helping us diagnose the disease or condition so we can decide on the best treatment. It also helps us monitor your pet’s response to therapy. Labwork is also needed so we can make sure a pet doesn’t have an underlying problem that could complicate their anesthesia experience.

We also have to remember that dogs and cats age faster than we do. Especially as they enter middle age and senior years, their health can change rapidly. There are numerous diseases and conditions that if caught early, can be cured or controlled so that your pet can have a good quality life to enjoy with your family. Please feel comfortable to ask questions about labwork to our doctors and staff.

Boarding Vaccination Exam

A point of clarification for our clients: for our boarding patients that are receiving vaccinations while boarding: dogs receiving a DHPP vaccination and cats receiving FRCP and or FLV vaccinations are examined by one of our veterinarians while in the hospital. It was brought to our attention by a client that this policy is not practiced at all veterinary/boarding facilities. Your pet’s health and well-being is our primary focus and passion.  Dr Miller and Staff

Animal Shelter Open House

Come and join us for some fun at the Second Annual Open House at the Lincoln County Animal Shelter this Saturday October 7 from 12 to 4 pm. There will be face painting, pet treats, goodie baskets that will be raffled, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and our groomer will be there with coupons for adopted pets. We would love to see you there!